Welcome to Alc Leaner!

This is my site so welcome! My name is Alc Leaner. I plan to have Nintendo Gameboy and Atari things on here.
this site was made with Neocities. And THANK YOU for visiting my site, more updates are coming soon!
I don't do updates very often but I won't ever abandon this site either.


Atari page
Game Boy page
Funny jokes!!!
Neocities profile


8/11 redoing entire site, more atari info

8/3 I'm back. big update soon. i'm a little busy
added Neocities profile

7/1 Got rid of buttons, I will add them back soon,
added a my computer page

6/30 Added some gifs

6/29 Added gifs and more info on the atari page

5/5 Made Atari page and making a Game Boy one too

4/27 Website created!

coded with bad html. last update 8/3. site by alcleaner